Grand Rapids, Michigan.


They installed a wood fence with chain link along the back border, about 600 feet in total. It is on rolling land and they did a FANTASTIC job to ensure no gaps between fence and ground, and the fence top rolls beautifully with the land. Very pleasant, professional and neat. They did exactly what they said they would do, on time and for the exact same price as the original estimate.

Clair S

Everything is top notch as far as I am concerned. There were some custom pieces of my fence installation that look fantastic. The job was done exactly how I had described and imagined it could be. We are very pleased. Dustin and crew did a wonderful job..

Greg H

We are very pleased with Alto Services. They installed 180 feet of chain link fencing in less than 6 hours. Two very courteous workers who did an excellent job not only with the installation, but the clean up afterwards.

Paul S

I wanted my current wood fence moved to our property line and Alto Services did a great job. They gave me what I wanted and made it better than before. I definitely would recommend them and their work.

Barb L

Alto Services went above and beyond in helping me with my fencing job. I was going to install a composite fence, and when the materials arrived, they turned out to be low quality. Additionally, Alto Services rescheduled my job twice, as delivery of the composite materials was delayed twice (no thanks to Lowes.). Then, while the guys were already installing the fence, I stopped them as I saw the poor quality of the materials and difficulty of installing this fence properly. They again adapted to my needs and adjusted their schedules to meet my needs. Two days later they quickly installed a nice wood fence for me.

Victor N