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Residential Fencing Options

Cedar Privacy Fence

The most popular kinds of cedar fencing on the market today are Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. They can be bought in an array of grades, sizes, and accents, making it ideal for creating one-of-a-kind designs.
Although Cedar is considered by many experts in fencing to be the most durable of wood because of it's natural termite and rot-resistant quality, it should still be stained with a protecting chemical solution to ensure it's durability. Cedar wood readily takes to paints and stains. Therefore, it can readily be altered to match your property's landscape or your house—another quality that makes it so desirable.

Chain Link Fence

A chain-link fence has a skeleton made of posts and rails. The pieces holding the framework together are called caps. The chain-link mesh itself is stretched tightly across the skeleton after the skeleton is installed. A metal bar, called a tension bar, is woven into the end of the mesh and attached to the end posts with tension bands.
Mesh is usually sold in rolls 4, 5, or 6 feet tall. Steel is the strongest mesh. Aluminum is lighter. The posts come in two diameters. The wider diameter, 2-3/8", is for corner and end posts. The smaller diameter, 1-5/8", is for the other posts in the fence called line posts. When laying out the gateposts, leave an extra 3-3/4 inches (or as much as directed by the manufacturer) between posts to make room for the hinges and latch.

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fences add beauty and security to the properties of their many owners. Ornamental fences enhance the property because they keep children and pets inside the property, providing a sense of security and a boundary to the rest of the world. They showcase the home within the fence.

Vinyl Fence

Alto Fencing Services offers vinyl fencing in a wide variety of attractive classic and contemporary styles. Vinyl fencing is made of high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It will not discolor, fade, flake, blister or peel, so it never needs painting, staining, scraping, sanding or sealing. You'll only need to wash your fence occasionally. Extra safe - vinyl's smooth edges prevent splinters, scratches and cuts. Sturdy construction - will stand up to years of normal wear and tear. Outstanding durability - will not rust, rot, decay, dent or warp. Lasting beauty - special ultraviolet inhibitors in the vinyl prevent it from yellowing to keep it white for a lifetime. Vinyl fencing is generally more expensive than wood and less expensive than ornamental metal. Over the years, though, vinyl fencing is competitive with wood because it won't need to be painted or replaced. You will enjoy maintenance-free beauty for a lifetime.

Picket Fence

A picket fence is generally 36in-48in tall. A horizontal top rail and bottom rail are attached to a fence post, which is installed upright into the ground. Evenly spaced boards are affixed vertically to the rails. What truly distinguishes a picket fence is the top, which is pointed. These boards with the top point are called "pickets". Traditionally, wood has been a very popular choice for picket fences. However, due to the regular painting required to keep it freshly white, combined with the need to replace it due to the outdoor elements, PVC has been increasing in popularity for picket fences.

Post & Rail Fence

Post and rail fences offer the traditional "countryside" look typically found in the thoroughbred horse pastures of Tennessee or Kentucky. Post and rail fences are constructed with square posts connected by two to four rails. They provide rustic beauty without blocking views..

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can transform your yard or pool area into a secluded retreat. Privacy fences are constructed with little or no gap between boards to reduce visibility into and out of an area. They are commonly used on property lines and around swimming pools but may also serve to conceal unsightly areas or views. Privacy fences provide better noise reduction and protection against wind than most other styles of fence. Privacy fences are generally 4'-6' tall.

Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox fences present the same attractive appearance to both you and your neighbor - they're often called "good neighbor" fences. Shadowbox fences have boards attached to either side of the rail in an alternating pattern to create an identical look on both sides of the fence. They provide the same level of screening as a privacy fence when viewed straight on but allow some visibility through them at other angles. They provide greater air circulation than true privacy fences. Shadowbox fences are generally taller - typically around 6' - than other types of fences.

Sound Barrier Fence

As a general rule, the more solid the fence or wall, the quieter it will be, because sound waves are reflected by dense objects. The material is not as significant as the construction. The fence should have no gaps because sound waves, like liquid, will always take the path of least resistance and flow through any holes. A fence that does not reach to the ground will allow the sound of passing car tires to go right under. Likewise, a low fence will allow more sound waves to flow over the top.

Electric Fence

Electric fencing is a "fear" barrier that uses safe electric shock to deter animals. In order for an animal to feel a shock, the voltage produced by the fence controller must be high enough to penetrate the animal's hair, hide, and hoof. Once the voltage is high enough to deliver a shock, electricity must travel through the fence wire. It then flows through the animal that is touching the fence and into the soil the animal is standing on. The electricity then travels through the moist soil back to the ground rods. From the ground rods the electricity flows through the ground wire that is attached to the fence controller's ground terminal. The circuit is completed and the animal feels the shock instantly. A good ground system will pick up most of the electricity conducted by the animal and send it to the fence controller. Poor grounding can cause interference on telephone lines, in radios, and on televisions. You may also receive a shock from the metal cased fence controller or ground rod when it is not grounded properly. Professional installation is necessary.

Ornamental Gate

A gate is a structure that can be swung, drawn, or lowered to block an entrance or a passageway. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. A gate may have a latch to keep it from swinging and a lock for security. Larger gates can be used for a whole building, such as a castle or a fortified town, or the actual door that blocks entry through the gatehouse. Today, many gate doors are opened by an automated gate operator. Gates are made out of a variety of materials such as metal, wood, vinyl, etc.


An Arbor is a structure that is meant to be visually pleasing. They are often seen as a shady resting place in a garden or park on which plants, such as climbing shrubs, flowers, or vines, are grown. They are often made of wood, metal or vinyll. They can be flat topped or arched and created in simple or intricate designs.